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Become a Member

Membership in the NCDA is open to anyone (who has not been ‘banned for life’, or is currently under suspension by the NCDA)

A. 21 years of age or over, whom evidences interest in darts as a sport.

B. An NCDA Member shall be any individual who has thrown eighteen games and/or paid dues three League nights in either the last or current season.

C. A person may choose to only sign up for our on call/fill-in substitute roster(s) and play only as a sub.
          1) Item ‘B’ above still applies in attaining Registered Membership for that season.

          2) Any Player declaring as a substitute may play for any Team he may choose during the season,

          3) Substitute Players are “locked in” to the first Team they play three matches for.

          4) Subject to NCDA Rule X/C., substitutes may qualify for any individual awards in the division(s) they play in.

D. That Member is an NCDA Member for the season of registration or registration renewal, and the next successive scheduled season, until the day prior to the beginning League night of the 3rd successive scheduled season.

E. All Registered Members may participate in all NCDA functions and receive such benefits as Membership in the NCDA may provide.

F. Individual Membership may be purchased by any qualified individual, by submitting $15.00, along with all pertinent contact information, to the NCDA to become a Registered Member.

G. Should Individual Membership holder(s) re-qualify for Membership by virtue of ‘B’ above, they will have their fees waived for the following three (3) League Nights played that season.

Membership Forms        

           1) Individual Membership Application
           2) Team & Sponsor Application
           3) Team Placement-Sub Application