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2017 Current  Newsletter 01-25-2017



At the recent captains meeting a vote was held for “A” and “AA” trustees, we would like to welcome “A” Division trustee Mark Peterson (307) 259-9768 and “AA” Division trustee Ron Strang Jr (530) 990-1821. They will be the liaisons for both team and duo players this season. Any concerns, questions, or comments should be directed to them and they will bring all concerns to the board.
Remember board meetings are open to all NCDA members. We would like to welcome everyone to come and see what the board discusses and the decisions that are being made for our members. If you would like to discuss something during the meetings please let a board member know before the meeting starts. All meetings times will be announced to our members in the newsletters and online.


All “A” Division teams and duos will now play 1 game for all single games.
If all teams can end at a decent time every night the board will discuss giving back 2 out of 3 games at the next board meeting.
You are allowed 5 minutes between matches and 3 minutes between throws. We need to be courteous to our sponsors and players that have to work the next morning. This is expected to be self-regulated by all teams but the board will issue loses to those that can’t self-regulate and be on the throw line in the time given.


  • Feb 11th Black Gold Grille
  • Feb 25th Eagles
  • March 4th Black Gold Grille
  • March 11th Eagles
  • March 18th Black Gold Grille
  • March 25th Eagles
  • April 15th Black Gold Grille
  • April 29th Black Gold Grille

All blind draws will have a 5-6 sign up time and will start directly at 6:30 unless specially noted. We do not want to waste time by not starting in a timely matter.


  • February 23rd- Board Meeting 5:00pm Black Gold Grille

Start time is for Board members, you can come in after work if neede

It needs to be stated that the NCDA does not condone any illegal activities during any leagues or events that it is hosting. The NCDA sponsors do not want illegal activity on their property and it reflects poorly on this group as a whole. The board would appreciate the cooperation of all members in this matter. We do not want to have complaints from sponsors or members over this matter. Losing sponsors over rules not being followed is unacceptable.

Watch for information for the upcoming April Fools Steel Tip Tournament