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We all want to know what the “Bottom Line” is when it comes to expenses associated with any endeavor. Darts, like most anything else these days, is not without its expenses. Here you will find a breakdown of what the fees are for Membership, Sponsorship and other miscellaneous Association and darts related expenses.

Now, there is no way here to factor in your choices in darting equipment, or what you drink and how much, or your tastes and appetite. You’re on your own there!

League Sponsor Fees: There are no associated costs for League Sponsorship to the Individual Players. Our Sponsoring establishments provide your Team’s seasonal $50.00 Membership/Sponsor fees, “to standards and specifications” equipment and playing areas, and a guaranteed venue to compete in each Tuesday night.

In return, we equally schedule matches between each Sponsoring establishment, eat their food, drink their drinks, tip the help, remember to thank them often, and leave them with a warm glow in their hearts concerning those ‘wonderful darters’. They need us, and we need them – please always remember both sides of that equation.

Individual Membership: $15.00 – only needed if you’re not anticipating being in a League that season, and/or you only want to vote or hold office in the Officer elections, and/or vote in the General Membership meetings, and/or log in to the Registered Members Only area of this web site, and/or just want to hang out with the rest of “the gang” at NCDA sponsored events, and/or; your just a darned nice person and this is your way of contributing to the furtherance of the great sport of Steel Tip Darts!

League Membership: $5.00/night played; play 3 nights – you’re a Member for that season and the next. Average season is 14 nights. This requires a 14 consecutive week, season commitment on the Players and Teams parts. We can schedule 3 seasons annually; Winter, Summer and Fall, but most frequently skip the Summer season unless adequate demand is evidenced.

Weekly Blind Draws: $5.00 entry/player and you could win some back. Often the Sponsoring Bar will ‘kick in’ on the prize money, if there is a good turnout. Good turnouts also make for more places paid, and higher pay outs.

These are great for the darter who just wants to throw the occasional match, as these require no weekly or long term commitments.

Besides seeing regular Association Members, you also see a lot of other local darters who are unable or unwilling to commit to seasonal Leagues, frequently throw in these tournaments.

This is also a good place for darters new to the sport or community to get more information on, and an introduction to, the Casper area steel tip darts scene. It is often suspended for a period during the summer lull.

Various Tournaments: Average entry fees are around $10.00 - $25.00 per player, per event – whatever format. This of course can be variable depending on the event and the guaranteed payouts. We may hold 2 – 3 of these per year. Then there are the occasional local and regional Tournaments held by the ADO and others. These each have their own entry fee price ranges.                                                                                                           Next Page